Continual Learning of Long Topic Sequences in Neural Information Retrieval [article]

Thomas Gerald, Laure Soulier
2022 arXiv   pre-print
In information retrieval (IR) systems, trends and users' interests may change over time, altering either the distribution of requests or contents to be recommended. Since neural ranking approaches heavily depend on the training data, it is crucial to understand the transfer capacity of recent IR approaches to address new domains in the long term. In this paper, we first propose a dataset based upon the MSMarco corpus aiming at modeling a long stream of topics as well as IR property-driven
more » ... lled settings. We then in-depth analyze the ability of recent neural IR models while continually learning those streams. Our empirical study highlights in which particular cases catastrophic forgetting occurs (e.g., level of similarity between tasks, peculiarities on text length, and ways of learning models) to provide future directions in terms of model design.
arXiv:2201.03356v1 fatcat:mowiqrb4f5dafam6o6vicaemzm