Transverse spin correlations of the random transverse-field Ising model

Ferenc Iglói, István A. Kovács
2018 Physical review B  
The critical behavior of the random transverse-field Ising model in finite dimensional lattices is governed by infinite disorder fixed points, several properties of which have already been calculated by the use of the strong disorder renormalization group (SDRG) method. Here we extend these studies and calculate the connected transverse-spin correlation function by a numerical implementation of the SDRG method in d=1,2 and 3 dimensions. At the critical point an algebraic decay of the form ∼
more » ... _t is found, with a decay exponent being approximately η_t ≈ 2+2d. In d=1 the results are related to dimer-dimer correlations in the random AF XX-chain and have been tested by numerical calculations using free-fermionic techniques.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.97.094205 fatcat:lj3zqaxc4jad3mc6j444afiipm