Gene Expression and Regulation from the p7 Promoter of Aedes Densonucleosis Virus

Michael W. Kimmick, Boris N. Afanasiev, Barry J. Beaty, Jonathan O. Carlson
1998 Journal of Virology  
The nonstructural proteins NS1 and NS2 are thought to be expressed from the p7 promoter of Aedes densonucleosis virus (AeDNV). To study gene expression from the p7 promoter, eight different plasmids were constructed by fusing β-galactosidase or β-glucuronidase into the genome so that the reporter gene was in different open reading frames and under the transcriptional control of the p7 promoter. After transfection into C6/36 Aedes albopictus cells, constructs generated comparable amounts of RNA,
more » ... ble amounts of RNA, but only the NS1 and NS2 fusion constructs produced appreciable levels of active enzyme. NS1 and NS2 fusion constructs contained wild-type AeDNV sequences from the p7 promoter downstream to nucleotide 458. The remaining constructs, with the exception of p7GUS.rf3, lacked some or all of these necessary sequences and inefficiently produced protein. These data suggest that sequences downstream of the p7 promoter play a role in translational regulation of gene expression from the p7 promoter of AeDNV.
doi:10.1128/jvi.72.5.4364-4370.1998 fatcat:tu6p5bga3bbqfaeowstajoa2pe