The Salt-Secreting Gland of Marine Birds

1960 Circulation  
Marine birds possess salt-secreting nasal glands which produce hypertonic solutions of sodium chloride in response to osniotic loads such as ingestion of sea water. The concentration of the secreted fluid is always high, several times as high as the maximum urine concentration in birds. The presence of this gland must be considered a necessary adaptation to marine life in animals whose kidney cannot excrete high salt concentrations. The structure and blood supply to the gland indicate a
more » ... indicate a countercurrent flow, but at the moment glandes nasales des oiseaux. Ann. Sci. Nat., ser. 5, 11: 349, 1869. Circulation, Volume XXI, May 1960 b, NA CL S ECRETION 966 by guest on April 11, 2016 Downloaded from If doubts remain, let a search be made for any other substance which, however slightly, can claim to rival water as the milieu of simple organisms, as the milieu interieur of all living things, or in any other of the countless physiological functions which it performs either automatically or as a result of adaptation.-L.
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