Caver Web 1.0: identification of tunnels and channels in proteins and analysis of ligand transport

2019 Nucleic Acids Research  
Caver Web 1.0 is a web server for comprehensive analysis of protein tunnels and channels, and study of the ligands' transport through these transport pathways. Caver Web is the first interactive tool allowing both the analyses within a single graphical user interface. The server is built on top of the abundantly used tunnel detection tool Caver 3.02 and CaverDock 1.0 enabling the study of the ligand transport. The program is easy-to-use as the only required inputs are a protein structure for a
more » ... unnel identification and a list of ligands for the transport analysis. The automated guidance procedures assist the users to set up the calculation in a way to obtain biologically relevant results. The identified tunnels, their properties, energy profiles and trajectories for ligands' passages can be calculated and visualized. The tool is very fast (2-20 min per job) and is applicable even for virtual screening purposes. Its simple setup and comprehensive graphical user interface make the tool accessible for a broad scientific community. The server is freely available at
doi:10.1093/nar/gkz378 pmid:31114897 pmcid:PMC6602463 fatcat:dut73fsarnd75hkbsfg6sar5ea