Prompt and delayed spectroscopy ofAt199

U. Jakobsson, J. Uusitalo, S. Juutinen, M. Leino, P. Nieminen, K. Andgren, B. Cederwall, P. T. Greenlees, B. Hadinia, P. Jones, R. Julin, S. Ketelhut (+9 others)
2010 Physical Review C  
The neutron-deficient nucleus 199 At has been studied through γ -ray and electron spectroscopy, using the recoil-decay tagging technique. Two experiments were conducted, using a gas-filled recoil separator with a focal-plane spectrometer alone and together with a germanium-detector array at the target position. The resulting level scheme for 199 At includes a new isomer with a half-life of 0.80(5) µs and a spin and parity of (29/2 + ). The 13/2 + isomer, which de-excites via an M2 transition to
more » ... the 9/2 − ground state, was measured to have a half-life of 70(20) ns. Our earlier version of the level scheme for 197 At has been updated as well.
doi:10.1103/physrevc.82.044302 fatcat:yjugeboz6fagnow2o7vu6qubeq