Antibiotics in treatment of peritonsillar infection: clindamycin versus penicillin

F Hallgren, E Lindell, B Nilsson-Helger, A Lundqvist
2021 Journal of Laryngology and Otology  
Objective This study aimed to compare antibiotic treatment with clindamycin versus penicillin V or G in terms of time to recovery and recurrence in patients with peritonsillar infection, including both peritonsillar cellulitis and peritonsillar abscess. Method This retrospective cohort study examined the records of 296 patients diagnosed with peritonsillar infection. Based on the ENT doctor's choice of antibiotics, patients were divided into clindamycin and penicillin groups. Results Mean
more » ... Results Mean number of days in follow up was 3.5 days in the clindamycin group and 3.4 days in the penicillin group. The recurrence rate within 2 months was 7 per cent in the clindamycin group and 4 per cent in the penicillin group. Conclusion This study found no significant differences in either recovery or recurrence between the groups. This supports the use of penicillin as a first-line treatment, considering the greater frequency of adverse effects of clindamycin shown in previous studies, as well as its profound collateral damage on the intestinal microbiota, resulting in antibiotic resistance.
doi:10.1017/s002221512100013x pmid:33478601 fatcat:atlciz2db5fazgjyec2hbbvira