Edw. M. Ehrhorn
1898 Canadian Entomologist  
Eriococcus adenostomae, n. sp.♀ enclosed in an oval (at one end more or less pointed) sac about 3 mm. long and 1½ mm. broad, wooly, snow-white, of uniform texture.♀ oval, about half again as long as broad, dark purple, turning bright crimson when placed in K. H. O. Body about 1½ mm. long. Antennae light brown, 7-jointed, formula: approximately (347) (12) 56, joint 3 equal 5+6. Most of the joints with hairs; joint 7 with several comparatively long hairs.
doi:10.4039/ent30244-9 fatcat:yvicefzxunfzrfajm4obidzu7e