Copper Graphite Composite Material Fabrication and its Mechanical properties

Shikhar Gupta, Gyanendra Singh
2016 unpublished
Today with the recent enlargement requirement of improvements of advanced industrial materials for several engineering applications goes on increasing. To encounter these requirements metal matrix composite is one of consistent source. Composite material is one of the best solutions for such demands. In composites, materials are collective in such a manner as to empower us to make superior use of their parental material although reducing to degree of effects of their deficits. The term
more » ... es' describes the mixtures of two or more material in order to advance the properties. In last years, materials expansion has moved from monolithic to composite materials for regulating to the comprehensive requirement for minimize weight, cheap in cost, increase quality, and high performance in structural materials. Copper-graphite metal matrix composites keep the properties of copper, i.e. tremendous thermal and electrical conductivities, and specifications of graphite, that means solid loosening and small thermal expansion coefficient. In this paper we present fa brication of Cu-graphite MMC by Powder metallurgy Process and we also discuss conventional and spark plasma sintering (SPS) techniques. In this work different mechanical properties like density, bulk hardness and wear study are also analysed.