Geo. B. King
1901 Canadian Entomologist  
The following list of the Coccidæ found to inhabit Canada is complete, so far as the published records show, together with some other information derived from corresponding with Prof. Cockerell, Dr. Fletcher, and Mr. John Dearness. Much, however, has been obtained from material sent to me for identification. In reviewing the list it will be seen that Ontario has 25 species of Coccids credited to her; while Ottawa has 18; Toronto, 6; Quebec, 3; Prince Edward Island, 3; Nova Scotia, 4; New
more » ... otia, 4; New Brunswick, 2; and British Columbia, 6. One has been found in an ants' nest, 8 in greenhouses, and there have been 8 new species described from Canada. There are 46 species, 27 of which are native to North America, 14 are introduced, and 4 whose home is unknown, but which were probably introduced. The large majority of the species have been found by Dr. Fletcher, or at least have passed through his hands. Much credit, however, is due Mr. John Dearness, who has taken great interest in looking for these very injurious insects, and has sent me several very interesting species.
doi:10.4039/ent33179-6 fatcat:myct2gojqfgyza2ip5yybm3lna