Energy yield determination of concentrator solar cells using laboratory measurements

John F. Geisz, Iván García, William E. McMahon, Myles A. Steiner, Mario Ochoa, Ryan M. France, Aron Habte, Daniel J. Friedman
The annual energy conversion efficiency is calculated for a four junction inverted metamorphic solar cell that has been completely characterized in the laboratory at room temperature using measurements fit to a comprehensive optoelectronic model of the multijunction solar cells. A simple model of the temperature dependence is used predict the performance of the solar cell under varying temperature and spectra characteristic of Golden, CO for an entire year. The annual energy conversion
more » ... conversion efficiency is calculated by integrating the predicted cell performance over the entire year. The effects of geometric concentration, CPV system thermal characteristics, and luminescent coupling are highlighted.
doi:10.1063/1.4931516 fatcat:s7dpuzhlvvdq5hme3tcsvxxnty