Fault-Tolerant Task Scheduling for Mixed-Criticality Real-Time Systems

Junlong Zhou, Min Yin, Zhifang Li, Kun Cao, Jianming Yan, Tongquan Wei, Mingsong Chen, Xin Fu
2017 Journal of Circuits, Systems and Computers  
Integration of safety-critical tasks with di®erent certi¯cation requirements onto a common hardware platform has become a growing tendency in the design of real-time and embedded systems. In the past decade, great e®orts have been made to develop techniques for handling uncertainties in task worst-case execution time, quality-of-service, and schedulability of mixedcriticality systems. However, few works take fault-tolerance as a design requirement. In this paper, we address the scheduling of
more » ... lt-tolerant mixed-criticality systems to ensure the safety of tasks at di®erent levels of criticalities in the presence of transient faults. We adopt task reexecution as the fault-tolerant technique. Extensive simulations were performed to validate the e®ectiveness of our algorithm. Simulation results show that our algorithm results in up to 15:8% and 94:4% improvement in system reliability and schedule feasibility as compared to existing techniques, which contributes to a more safe system.
doi:10.1142/s0218126617500165 fatcat:zymhx5w3pfb75p37vdqm45fcem