Herschel-PACS observation of the 10 Myr old T Tauri disk TW Hya

W.-F. Thi, G. Mathews, F. Ménard, P. Woitke, G. Meeus, P. Riviere-Marichalar, C. Pinte, C. D. Howard, A. Roberge, G. Sandell, I. Pascucci, B. Riaz (+40 others)
2010 Astronomy and Astrophysics  
Planets are formed in disks around young stars. With an age of ~10 Myr, TW Hya is one of the nearest T Tauri stars that is still surrounded by a relatively massive disk. In addition a large number of molecules has been found in the TW Hya disk, making TW Hya the perfect test case in a large survey of disks with Herschel-PACS to directly study their gaseous component. We aim to constrain the gas and dust mass of the circumstellar disk around TW Hya. We observed the fine-structure lines of [OI]
more » ... d [CII] as part of the Open-time large program GASPS. We complement this with continuum data and ground-based 12CO 3-2 and 13CO 3-2 observations. We simultaneously model the continuum and the line fluxes with the 3D Monte-Carlo code MCFOST and the thermo-chemical code ProDiMo to derive the gas and dust masses. We detect the [OI] line at 63 micron. The other lines that were observed, [OI] at 145 micron and [CII] at 157 micron, are not detected. No extended emission has been found. Preliminary modeling of the photometric and line data assuming [12CO]/[13CO]=69 suggests a dust mass for grains with radius < 1 mm of ~1.9 times 10^-4 Msun (total solid mass of 3 times 10^-3 Msun) and a gas mass of (0.5--5) times 10^-3 Msun. The gas-to-dust mass may be lower than the standard interstellar value of 100.
doi:10.1051/0004-6361/201014578 fatcat:l4qcqdx7fvc3jblrhi3wjzvipa