Free vibration, bending and buckling of a FG-CNT reinforced composite beam

Puneet Kumar, J. Srinivas
2017 Multidiscipline Modeling in Materials and Structures  
This paper investigates the bending, buckling and free vibration behaviors of functionally graded carbon nanotubereinforced composite (FG-CNTRC) nanobeams by considering small-scale effect. The governing equations of motion of a Timoshenko beam under a general loading are derived utilizing the nonlocal elasticity theory. The equations governing bending and stretching behavior of CNTRC nanobeams are uncoupled to a fifth-order ordinary differential equation with respect to the rotation of
more » ... rotation of cross-section for the static cases of bending and buckling. This uncoupling makes it possible to develop exact solutions for transverse deflection and buckling load of CNTRC nanobeams. Using differential operator method, the decoupled sixth-order differential equations in terms of the kinematic variables are obtained for vibration analysis. By setting the coefficients matrix in the corresponding system of homogenous algebraic equations to zero, an algebraic frequency equation is derived. Finally, based on the presented closed-form solutions, parametric studies are carried out to assess the effects of CNT distribution, nonlocal parameter and type of boundary conditions on the deflection, buckling and natural frequency of CNTRC nanobeams. Findings show that nonlocal effect on the mechanical behavior of nanobeams is strongly dependent on boundary conditions and loadings. It is seen that cantilever nanobeams become harder by taking into account nonlocal effect, contrary to clamped and simply supported nanobeams. In addition, the influence of CNT distribution on the mechanical behavior of cantilever beams is more significant than that of simply supported and clamped beams.
doi:10.1108/mmms-05-2017-0032 fatcat:npabnrzvu5fy7ibeun7drjgxhy