The Optimising of Layered Oil Field Development by the Rearrangement of Exploitation Plays

E. M. Ponomarenko, N. A. Eremin
1999 IOR 1999 - 10th European Symposium on Improved Oil Recovery   unpublished
Selection of exploitation plays is an important part of oil field development projects. Our method of the layer similarity estimation allows to optimally distribute the layers in the exploitation plays. The main purpose of our method is to optimise the multitask wells performance and to decrease the technological risk. The technique of exploitation play selection is based on multicriterial decisionmaking approach and on fuzzy set theory. The technique under consideration solves several tasks.
more » ... e of them is the formation and structuring of a set of characteristics influencing the selection of exploitation plays (geological, technological, technical and ecological). The other is the development of a mathematical procedure on the basis of multicriterial decision-making approach and fuzzy set theory. Some reservoir characteristics could be modified and changed during the oil field development process. In this case our method allows optimising oil field development by rearranging exploitation plays and selecting the new ones to improve oil recovery. The method includes the following stages:  linguistic description of the parameters used for the exploitation plays selection;  creation of the belonging function;  structuring of the layer comparison rules;  estimation of layer similarity along the section and the area of an oil field. One example of our method implementation for The Middle East oil field is given.
doi:10.3997/2214-4609.201406343 fatcat:u7mwr27vgjhcvcaeacnxugl7ee