Serologic Analysis of the IgG Antibody Response in Children With Varicella Zoster Virus Wild-type Infection and Vaccination

Andreas C. W. Jenke, Susanne Klein, Armin Baiker, Stefan Wirth, Michaela Sander, Christina Noelting, Oliver Boecher, Maria G. Vizoso-Pinto
2012 The Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal  
In contrast to varicella zoster virus (VZV) primary infection, VZV vaccination does not seem to provide lifelong immunity against varicella. Because more people get vaccinated every year, the development of sensitive serological test systems for the detection of protective anti-VZV IgG will become important in the future. Methods: We have previously developed a novel VZV line assay based on 5 different recombinant VZV antigens. In this study, we compared this novel assay with a commercially
more » ... lable glycoprotein enzyme immunoassay (RIDASCREEN VZV IgG) in detecting anti-VZV IgG of children with previous varicella infection and VZV vaccination. Results: One hundred twenty-five children were included in this study, 72 with a history of varicella infection and 53 with VZV vaccination. Both assays detected anti-VZV IgG antibodies in both study groups with similar sensitivities. The VZV line assay revealed striking differences in the anti-VZV IgG composition against the VZV open reading frames, 4, 14 and 49, between both study groups, indicating that wild-type varicella infection causes a more diverse immune response against VZV than does vaccination. The exploitation of these results enabled the discrimination of both study groups with a sensitivity of 0.93 and a specificity of 0.83, indicating that the serologic differentiation of children with previous varicella infection and VZV vaccination might be possible. Conclusion: The VZV line assay enables the detection of anti-VZV IgG with sensitivities comparable to glycoprotein enzyme immunoassays and might be suitable for the serologic discrimination between children with a history of varicella infection and VZV vaccination.
doi:10.1097/inf.0b013e31826bac27 pmid:22863912 fatcat:bjalvqknlba37knki6tzp6fzta