Concrete thermal energy storage for steam generation: A numerical investigation

Shobhana Singh, Kim Sørensen
2017 Proceedings Name   unpublished
Establishing enhancement methods to develop cost-effective thermal energy storage technology requires a detailed analysis. In this paper, a numerical investigation of the concrete based thermal energy storage system is carried out. The storage system consists of a heat transfer fluid flowing inside the heat exchanger tubes embedded in a cylindrical shape concrete configuration. Three-dimensional multiphysics model of the storage system is developed to investigate transient conjugate heat
more » ... r between the two mediums, the heat transfer fluid, and the concrete. The model comprehends the dynamics of storing thermal energy in the storage at the temperature range of 350 − 390 • C. To evaluate the performance of the storage system using finned heat exchanger tubes, thermal characteristics such as charging/discharging time, energy, and exergy efficiency are predicted. The developed model satisfactorily demonstrates the dynamic behavior of the concrete based thermal storage system and its sub-processes, and thus offers a suitable framework for future investigations leading to an easier and more economical solution.
doi:10.3384/ecp17138234 fatcat:blbak64hd5cfdjwd3h7gc2djcy