Parerga to the Stadiasmus Patarensis (13): The road system in the mountainous area of Alacadağ in central Lycia and the roads indicated in the Vita of Nicholas of Sion

Burak Takmer, Mehmet Alkan
2013 Zenodo  
This contribution introduces the Roman road connecting Myra to inner Lycia via the moun­tainous area of Alacadağ. The road called "Gâvuryolu" by the native population is already known, but has not been surveyed in its entirety and has not been fully published before. There­fore one of the main aims of the Stadiasmus Patarensis Project was to re-examine the route in connection with other Roman roads discovered around Alacadağ in 2010-2011. In addition, the secondary ways known in the mountainous
more » ... area through which the main road passes are introduced, along with some newly discovered pathways. The authors discuss, finally, how these ways should be located in relation to the narrations regarding the routes recor­ded in the Vita of Saint Nicholas of Holy Sion, and some unsolved localizations in relation to these events.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4769657 fatcat:wiwwc363ubdhvpghuuyd377e6i