A Sigmoid Band of Unusual Origin — Operation — Relief

1904 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
and seventh children stillborn at term. Hydrocephalus noticed while a baby. 4. (No. 35) Patient eight years old, has spastic diplegia. Has webbed fingers, hypospadias and hydrocephalus. He was the fourth pregnancy. The first and second were miscarriages at three weeks; third, a healthy child, died when nine months old of cholera infantum. Labor long and difficult; child had the cord around his neck and was asphyxiated; no forceps used. Had convulsions at birth. Parents healthy. One uncle
more » ... y. One uncle epileptic. Tuberculosis on paternal side. Maternal grandmother died of phthisis. 5. (No. 57) Spastic paraplegia. Hydrocephalus. Mother well during pregnancy. Labor difficult. Feet presented. Child born while mother was standing and fell striking head on floor. Cried from birth. Convulsions when a year old. Ten children, three dead; others healthy. Patient ninth. 6. (No. 68) See alcohol. Father very alcoholic.
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