Creativity And Longevity: New Realm Of Research

Dimitri Spivak
2020 unpublished
Basic trends in delimitation and elaboration of novel field of interdisciplinary research, formed by creativity and longevity, are presented. Continuation of psychological inquiry into basic facets of creative performance, especially fluency, flexibility, and originality, regarded primarily at the level of personality (i.e. 'mini-c' and 'little c' levels, by R.Beghetto and J.Kaufman), seems to be most correct and timely in context of longevity studies as well, primarily due to the fact that
more » ... o the fact that successful ageing would be impossible without a certain degree of inventiveness in adapting to the environment, and to inevitable ageing stress. Systematic description of genes, involved into regulation of dopamine system, and the serotonin one, as well as of a number of separate genes (e.g. neuregulin 1 gene), form the most constructive direction of research of genetic mechanisms of both creative performance and successful aging. Family histories of gifted individuals, genetic overlap between mental disorders and creativity, possible links between 'weak' polymorphisms of definite genes and brain degradation, are most plausible to serve as subject matter for genetic research in this novel realm. Systematic inquiry into dynamics of predictors of life expectancy, especially telomere length and telomerase activity, is highly expedient for the purpose of detecting molecular biological mechanisms of not only successful ageing and longevity, but also of creative performance, and creativity in general terms.
doi:10.15405/epsbs.2020.12.03.8 fatcat:3ivvpkmfj5ck5jcgbqinvxw3cq