Influence of Electro-Erosive Modification Modes for Worn Working Surface of Dental Cutters on Restoration of its Cutting Ability

M. G. Kiselev, S. G. Monich, P. S. Bogdan, D. L. Korchigin, V. V. Efimenko
2020 Nauka i Tehnika  
An experimental assessment has been made of the influence of electro-erosive modification modes for worn working surface of an cutter on the restoration of its cutting ability. The paper provides basic information on dental cutters. The provisions of the experimental research methodology are described, including a description of a device for modifying the worn surface of a dental cutter and a device for determining its cutting ability. Experimental data are presented and analyzed that reflect
more » ... yzed that reflect an effect on restoration of a cutting ability of a worn surface of a dental cutter, voltage of a storage capacitor and number of holes applied to it during its modification. Rational modes of modifying a worn-out surface of a dental mill that provide the greatest recovery of its cutting ability have been determined in the paper. It has been shown that with increasing voltage, the energy of the electric discharge acting on the treated surface increases, which leads to the formation of a single hole of a larger size on it, including metal flows along its edge that extend beyond the initial contour of the worn cutter teeth. These metal flows on the modified surface of the cutter play the role of peculiar cutting and deforming elements. It has been revealed that in the process of modifying the worn surface of the cutter, it is necessary to ensure that there is no overlap of the holes formed on it, i.e. the distance between the centers of adjacent holes should be greater than or equal to the size of metal deposits at their edges. In this case, the metal flows retain their original shape and have the highest height at these pulse parameters, which ensures a higher cutting ability of the modified cutter surface than when the holes are overlapped.
doi:10.21122/2227-1031-2020-19-4-288-296 fatcat:r52hddtifnfixmtv3p7b7nvsy4