What does Kant's 'compass' show?

Nenad Cekic
2020 Theoria Beograd  
In this article, the author points to a somewhat neglected Kant?s metaphor - a metaphor of the ?moral compass.? The idea of a ?moral compass? is nothing more than the concept of the moral law itself as a ?categorical imperative.? The author suggests that this simple metaphor points to two things that are often forgotten in the interpretation of Kant?s ethics. Firstly, Kant believes that moral knowledge is available literally to everyone. Secondly, the path of acquiring knowledge in morality
more » ... dge in morality differs from the path of moral knowledge in Kant?s general epistemology. Finally, the author, for example, offers an explanation of the mechanism of ?moral compass.?
doi:10.2298/theo2004017c fatcat:hxibybzstbagvmngyfugh4zsxu