Ecology and plectology of Phlebia tremelloidea (Polyporales, Agaricomycetes)

Ivan V. Zmitrovich, Oleg N. Ezhov
2013 Acta Mycologica  
A rare boreonemoral species, Phlebia tremelloidea (Bres.) Parmasto was characterized morphologically and ecologically basing on Russian material. The specified description of the species was given. The variability of top lamprocystidia, basidia and basidiospores of the fungus was revealed. An abhymenial, medullar, and subhymenial strates of the basidiocarp were characterized. The relationships between developmental environments and morphology of the fungus were discussed.
doi:10.5586/am.2011.002 fatcat:aid4fssftfgppnezoagbgggzga