Study of Microstructure of Oriented Eutectic Fe-C Alloy

M. Trepczyńska-Łent
Fe - 4,25% C alloy was directionally solidified with a constant temperature gradient of G = 33,5 K/mm and growth rate of v = 83,3 μm/s (300 mm/h) using a vacuum Bridgman-type crystal growing facility with liquid metal cooling technique. To reveal more detailed microstructure, the deep etching was made. This was obtained in the process of electrolytic dissolution. The microstructure of the sample was examined on the longitudinal and transverse sections using an Optical Microscope and Scanning
more » ... ope and Scanning Electron Microscope. Using the Electron Backscattered Diffraction technique, phase map and analysis of phase were made. In this paper the analysis of Fe-C alloy eutectic microstructure is presented. Regular eutectic structure was obtained. The fracture surfaces show lamellar structure. Microscopic observation after electrolytic extraction indicates that the grains of longitudinal shape of eutectic cementite have been obtained. These grains are characterized by layered construction with many rounded discontinuities.
doi:10.24425/118824 fatcat:6qspnmtdrrdctprs37mhje766u