New method to determine algebraic expression of Rijndael S-box

Liu Jingmei, Wei Baodian, Wang Xinmei
2004 Proceedings of the 3rd international conference on Information security - InfoSecu '04  
By the discovered correlation between linear functions over GF(q")and matrices overGF(q), a new scheme is presented to resolve the algebraic expression of gijndael S-box in this paper. This new scheme has the advantage of predetermining in the case of a given random base overGF(q"). The reason why only 9 terms are involved in the algebraic expression of Rijndael S-box is presented, which corrects the available inaccurate illustration. We finally conclude a11 the available methods to determine
more » ... hods to determine the algebraic expression of Rijndael S-box.
doi:10.1145/1046290.1046328 fatcat:3yo3tdjiuney5pw34fjn6jzqhm