Zingiberaceae of Marilog Forest Reserve, Southern Philippines: Its Richness and Endemism

Florfe M. Acma, Noe P. Mendez, Victor B. Amoroso
2020 Asian Journal of Biodiversity  
Numerous studies on Zingiberaceae were carried out in the Philippines since 2010, and have reported several new species, new records, and recollections. This paper documented 27 species of gingers belonging to 10 genera in four tribes and two subfamilies, from the five sampling sites in Marilog Forest Reserve, Southern Philippines from February 2018 to November 2019. Data revealed that Zingiberaceae species in these sites constitute ca. 23% of the total number of Philippine Zingiberaceae, and
more » ... % of the collected species are endemic to the Philippines. Wurfbainia hedyosma (I.M.Turner) Škorničk. & A.D.Poulsen and W. mindanaensis (Elmer) Škorničk. & A.D.Poulsen were recollected after a lapse of 100 years. Hedychium philippinense K.Schum. is a CITES-listed species and one of the five threatened ginger species, while H. coronarium Koenig is the only invasive alien species documented. Furthermore, this paper bears significance due to the highest number of Zingiberaceae species collected in a certain geographical area in the country as of to date. Since Marilog Forest Reserve is not a protected area and is under severe threats from various
doi:10.7828/ajob.v11i1.1388 fatcat:cu2vfmc5ufhwraslf6ekvqp5ei