Numerical Analysis of Semi-dry Flue Gas Desulfurization Process in the 3D Spouted Bed

Jiali Du, Kai Yue, Feng Wu, Xiaoxun Ma, Zhiquan Hui, Maodong Li
2020 Chemical Engineering Transactions  
This paper presents a numerical study of gas-solid two-phase flow and water vaporization in a 3D powder-particle spouted bed (PPSB) by means of the combined approach of the Eulerian-Eulerian two-fluid model (TFM) and kinetic theory of granular flows (KTGF). The simulation shows that the gas temperature in the injection area is higher than water and particles, and the three-phase temperatures in other areas are similar. The water vaporization rate is higher at the junction of the injection area
more » ... nd the annulus area, lower in the center of the injection area, and lowest in the annulus area. By increasing gas velocity and liquid temperature, reducing gas humidity, promoting water vaporization.
doi:10.3303/cet2081001 doaj:db14d3d5e7f74aed837d0981f473b3c0 fatcat:pw6fg7s5vbbuxfp5syetezr2yi