War on Terror: Fantasy and Fiction Behind the Mythology of Terrorist Financing

El-Fatih Salam
2009 unpublished
Documentary evidence shows that the series of financial crackdowns initiated since 9/11 have had virtually no impact on terrorism. This is because these efforts are based on a fundamental misconception on how terrorism works. The financial warriors' predisposition to stereotypes about "Arabs and their money" allowed unsubstantiated rumours-such as Bin Laden's personal fortune of $300 million-to become established as facts. This study exposes the extent to which Washington policymakers simply
more » ... nsposed the template for the war on drugs on to the war on terror, despite the fact that terrorism is not a profit-driven enterprise. The collateral damage inflicted on organisations like Al-Barakaat, the Somali remittance network, wrongly accused of channeling money to the terrorists, and others are counter-productive as they dent the image of the US in the Muslim world.