Forming Teachers' Awareness Of Knowledge In The Field Of Artificial Intelligence

Alina N. Bogdanova
2021 unpublished
The article discusses the problem of forming the knowledge awareness in the course of teaching the basics of artificial intelligence to the future and working teachers. Based on the analysis of scientific sources and generalization of pedagogical experience, the authors state that the low level of knowledge awareness in the field of AI among future teachers usually shows up during the design of expert systems and in the process of developing intelligent programs. The description of the
more » ... methodology that ensures the formation of teachers' knowledge awareness in the AI is presented in the article. The authors emphasize that special attention should be paid to the informal assimilation of theoretical material in the process of forming the knowledge awareness. The article presents the examples of lectures on the following topics: "Introduction to AI", "The models of knowledge representation in AI systems", "Expert systems" where interactive surveys of various types and content are implemented and collective work on the virtual whiteboard is carried out. Pedagogical experiment confirmed the effectiveness of the developed methodology which has a number of advantages over traditional training. Among them we can state visualization of theoretical material which helps a lot to solve the problem of formal learning. Also, the ability for the teacher to take into consideration the student's point of view shown via interactive surveys and react on them simultaneously. Finally, students get an opportunity to act as participants of the educational process and meanwhile to conduct their self-control and self-assessment during learning the theory.
doi:10.15405/epsbs.2021.12.02.35 fatcat:wtbuinmufncobezazvw3jblzy4