Identifying and ranking the factors affecting the transportation of products from a marketing perspective using the fuzzy analytic hierarchy process approach

Seyed Alireza Hoseini Tabatabaei, Abdollah Naami, Alireza Rousta
2021 International Journal of Research in Industrial Engineering  
Economic researchers consider the development of transportation as blood circulation in the economic body of the country, which accelerating its circulation satisfies the vital and basic economic needs faster, and any kind of disorder and slowness in it causes great damage to the process of growth and development. Therefore, some economists and planners have considered the economic growth to be dependent on the development of the transportation sector and the existence of enough vehicles and
more » ... ated facilities. In this regard, Iran is very important due to its special position near the borders of Central Asia and the Caucasus and because it's a bridge between the two major continents of Asia and Europe and has access to open waters. The main problem of this research is to identify all the dimensions and components that affect the transportation (transit) of goods and products, and because we finally want to present a strategy, the next problem is to rank these factors and consider the most important components and dimensions of Islamic Republic transportation. Analytic hierarchical process was used to determine the importance and weight of the criteria and then Expert Choice software was used for ranking. Given that the subject of transportation is a specific and macro issue, investigating it from a marketing perspective is a novel perspective, the studies conducted by students have remained at the research level, and there have not been many related studies on marketing in Iran, the most important limitation of the research was the ability to explain the reason of conducting this research and controlling the interviews. The results of pairwise comparisons and weights are expressed in the following. Accordingly, among the 20 sub-criteria, the use of information technology is ranked first. After that, sustainable development and smart transportation ranked second and third, respectively.
doi:10.22105/riej.2021.299558.1241 doaj:3ba91fb9cf4f413fa55d38a385aa00fd fatcat:34nmomk7ljbcdowowoql2z2zaa