Some Ethical Perspectives in the Discipline of Microbiology

Dr. Mohammed Sarosh Khan, Dr. Rakesh Kumar Gorea, Dr. Shafqat Qamar, Dr. Gulam Mustafa, Abhinav Gorea
Ethics are of vital importance in microbiology. No new scientific or technological development can claim immunity from ethical scrutiny. More specifically, moral & ethical concerns are of considerable importance in influencing public attitudes towards microbiology. In addition to the biosafety and biosecurity in microbiological research, it is necessary to emphasize the prevention of the techniques and published knowledge from being misused. The ethical issues of microbiological
more » ... techniques in controlling the infectious diseases and avoiding the spreading include both individuals and public at large. Professional ethics is the moral bond that links a profession, the people it serves, and society. The patient's welfare is paramount in clinical research and healthcare ethics. The ethical issues we display influence the kind of people who choose to work in our profession and determine who choose to seek for our services. This article addresses ethical issues concerning biosecurity, ethical issues in molecular techniques in epidemics, antibiotic restriction and some ethical aspects in clinical laboratory.
doi:10.18099/ijetv.v1i2.6817 fatcat:vdcyszwyafg7lkal4zvchd54g4