MIRAGE: An E-repository of Medical Images for Learning Biomedical Informatics

Xiaohong Gao, Yu Qian
Although around 5 billion medical image studies were carried out in 2010, there is still a shortage of medical image databases that are available for students due to well-know reasons. To this end, an online image repository, MIRAGE, has been developed for teaching and learning biomedical informatics, which accommodates collections of published medical images of both 2D and 3D. The facilities of domain-based, atlas-based, and content-based retrieval (CBIR) are implemented to proffer the search
more » ... n the repository. The novelty of the system is that not only a collection of 3D brain images is warehoused, but also CBIR for 3D is developed coupled with 3D visualization, leading to a versatile educational material, leading to future tele-education. The initial evaluation of the repository by users of both research students and lecturers has proven its positive impact.