Identifying the interactive communication ability of children with profound and multiple learning disabilities: The intensive interactive approach

Mohammed Kholood, Aljaser
Many researchers have indicated the potential positive outcome of using Intensive Interaction (II) as an educational approach to identify communication and sociability skills (referred to in this article as Interactive Communication) in children with profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD). Some educational settings in the United Kingdom have established this approach in their schools, and have recognised its efficiency. The intention of this article was to summarize and discuss the
more » ... iterature that has been produced, relating to this approach. One of the main findings that emerged from this contextualised review is that II has given children with PMLD social lives and mutual pleasure, producing tangible consequences, such as regular and spontaneous interactions by identifying the existing abilities regarding Interactive Communication (IC). Then, this article contributes to the corpus of knowledge in the field of special educational needs, specifically for children with PMLD and consequently encourages the implementation of II in school settings and social care centres.