Fate of Sternwheelers Designed for the Yukon

1898 Scientific American  
A favorite trick of mediums at seances is to procure a message from the unseen on the blank piece of paper which has been placed between two slates. The me dium holds the slates high above his head, and on tak ing the slates apart the paper is found covered with writing. This again calls for the use of an extra, or false flap, as shown in Fig. 1 . (See our last issue.) A piece of paper with writing on it is placed down ward on one of the slates and covered with the false flap. Of course, it now
more » ... looks like an ordinary slate. so that the method shown in Fig. 6 is adopted by some
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican10151898-251a fatcat:eby64ofnqvhgdiqs3xn733vbhq