Flow Physics of Profile Control Fluids in Porous Media and Implications for Enhanced Oil Recovery: A Microfluidic Study

Yicheng Wang, Hanqiao Jiang, Liang Li, Lida Wang, Junjian Li
2022 Processes  
Novel profile control agents are constantly emerging in the field of enhanced oil recovery, contributing to the extension of a stable production period. However, evaluation performed through conventional core flow experiments is usually inadequate to reveal the in-depth mechanism of profile control agents. Besides, due to different operation and production modes, there is an urgent need for a specific experimental method applicable to horizontal wells in bottom water reservoirs. In this
more » ... this paper describes two models tailored to bottom water reservoirs and investigates the flow characteristics and mechanisms of three water-shutoff agent types. At the pore scale, further study was carried out on the water-shutoff synergism between a gel and an emulsifier. The results show that the gel is present at the edge of the pore body, while the emulsion is blocked in the center of the pore body. Hence, gel that enters a water channel (main flow and accumulation area of emulsion) can cooperate with an emulsion to achieve high-strength water shutoff, making the bottom water that re-invades mainly break through at oil-rich areas. Compared with water shutoff with gel alone (randomly distributed in the breakthrough area), the synergism improves the gel's ability to select flow channels, inhibits emulsifier channeling, and achieves a remarkable EOR effect.
doi:10.3390/pr10010112 fatcat:zwkbrxc56nfllgzvxcu6jnnny4