The functional anatomy of attention to visual motion. A functional MRI study

C Buchel
1998 Brain  
Attention can enhance or modulate neural responses to stimuli at early and late stages of sensory processing. We were interested in the modulatory effect of attention to visual motion on cortical responses as measured by functional MRI. Subjects were scanned during repeated presentations of identical stimuli (visual motion) while only the attentional component of the task was varied. Enhanced haemodynamic responses during attentive conditions defined an occipitoparietofrontal system, including
more » ... ensory and association areas, as well as the medial thalamus and superior colliculus. Attentional modulation was not restricted to extrastriate areas Abbreviations: BA ϭ Brodmann area; BOLD ϭ blood oxygenation level dependent contrast; ERP ϭ event related potentials; fMRI ϭ functional MRI; SPM ϭ statistical parametric map
doi:10.1093/brain/121.7.1281 pmid:9679780 fatcat:lwsbb4vl5je4tnvlyyvwfk3woe