Mohammed Adel HAMZAOUI, Zaki Sari
The current dynamic economic context with very rapid changes, pushes economic players to always get up tospeed, adapt and innovate to face the growing competition. Having efficient supply chains capable of absorbingthe shocks of various fluctuations is a necessity. Storage warehouses are essential links in these latter, andimproving their performance is the keystone through which the control of any supply chain must pass. Theappearance of automated-storage/retrieval-systems (AS/RS) has made it
more » ... AS/RS) has made it possible to have the technologicalimplements to achieve these ends. However, it is necessary to have mathematical tools that allow the effectiveand efficient use of these equipment in order to optimize their performances. In this paper, we developmathematical models of dual cycle times for the bidirectional-flow-rack AS/RS. First, we develop modelsaccording to two approaches and then compare them to each other. Then we proceed to an optimization of thesystem's dimensions for minimum cycle times. This allowed us to extract approximate formulas of optimaldimensions according to the size of the system and its nominal load rate. Next, thanks to a numerical study wecould deduce the optimal shape of the system for the two modelled cycle times as a function of the nominalload rate. Lastly, we proceeded to a throughput calculation thanks to the conducted study. This represents anindispensable tool for the upstream design and installation of the system in order to optimize its performancesin steady state, which will have a direct positive impact on the supply chain performances.
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.13372673.v1 fatcat:zlksdyc5wnbzzfc4oth5uvcecy