Space-Charge Compensation in the Transition Area Between LEBT and RFQ

Philipp Schneider, Daniel Born, Virginia Britten, Martin Droba, Oliver Meusel, Daniel Noll, Holger Podlech, Alwin Schempp, Lindroos, Mats (Ed.), Schaa, Volker RW (Ed.), Arduini, Gianluigi (Ed.), Pranke, Juliana (Ed.) (+1 others)
The transition from a space charge compensated beam in the LEBT to an uncompensated beam in the RFQ will influence the beam parameters. To investigate the impact of the electric fields on the space charge compensation, an insulated cone is used as a repeller electrode in front of the RFQ. Depending on the time dependent potential of the RFQ rods respectively to the beam potential, the compensation electrons may be prevented from moving into the RF field which oozes out of the RFQ entrance. The
more » ... RFQ entrance. The simulation studies are performed with the particle-in-cell code bender*. The simulations may substantiate measurements at the CW-operated RFQ in Frankfurt University** as well as at the foreseen MYRRHA LEBT-RFQ interface.*** In this contribution, a study on a LEBT-RFQ interface is shown. Results of numerical and experimental investigations will be compared.
doi:10.18429/jacow-ipac2017-thpva006 fatcat:y43ffgpvdjfpveswnq4oyu6ceq