Pozycja Homo sapiens widziana z perspektywy molekularnej

Władysław J. H. Kunicki-Goldfinger
1986 Anthropological Review  
POSITION OF HOMO SAPIENS SEEN FROM THE MOLECULAR PERSPECTIVE. The participation of research results of molecular biology in the interpretations of the philogenesis of man is continually increasing. Next to the traditional paleoanthropological methods the studies of human proteins and nucleic acids perm it to determine the chronology and connections between the taxons of Hominoidea. "Na pograniczu tego, co zwierzęce i tego, co ludzkie, żyć nam wypadło i tak jest dobrze".
doi:10.18778/1898-6773.52.1-2.03 fatcat:ek5grcc4xjgixh2flxnbsswszq