Florentina (CIULEI) IONESCU, Diana-Nicoleta GEORGESCU, Angela MORLOVEA
2020 Journal of Education, Society & Multiculturalism  
A dynamic and efficient management involves the use of the most appropriate methods and techniques in order to achieve the proposed objectives in a school organization. The main purpose of practicing these methods by school managers is to increase the efficiency of the organization, coordinating the activity of employees and training them to achieve the objectives proposed by the school organization. This paper aims at displaying a rigorous analysis of the most used management method by school
more » ... anagers, the meeting, in order to streamline the managerial act in the school organization. The meeting method is used in all school organizations and is recommended in all managerial contexts involving, as an appropriate solution, the participation of several people, at an information, decision-making or action level. The methodology consisted both in the study of multiple specialized materials in order to outline an overview of the topic, and in an empirical research, instrumented by survey based on a questionnaire applied to employees of a preschool organization in Dâmbovița County. The main conclusions of the study focus on the impact of the meeting method, as a management method, on the level of performance of employees and, implicitly, of the school organization.
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