Demands Apply Base Data Replication Over Cloud Computing

Anjali Musmade, S Rokade
Cloud computing is an important mechanism for utilizing computing services. So most of the applications are developed in cloud computing environment. As there are number of applications they have different quality of service (QoS) requirements. Due to the data corruption in data nodes, numbers of applications are unable to reach their successful outcomes. To support such type of applications continuously we are performing data replication on the basis of QoS requirements of the corresponding
more » ... he corresponding application. For performing such type of data replication we are developing an algorithm using some concepts of HQFR [High QoS First Replication] algorithm. Along with the QoS requirement our main goal is to minimize data replication cost. So we are developing another algorithm which is inspired from MCMF [Minimum Cost Maximum Flow] algorithm. At the end we will propose an efficient scheme for data replication on the basis of QoS requirement.