Transport coefficients of hot magnetized QCD matter beyond the lowest Landau level approximation

Manu Kurian, Sukanya Mitra, Snigdha Ghosh, Vinod Chandra
2019 European Physical Journal C: Particles and Fields  
In this article, shear viscosity, bulk viscosity, and thermal conductivity of a hot QCD medium have been studied in the presence of a strong magnetic field. To model the hot magnetized QCD matter, an extended quasi-particle description of the hot QCD equation of state in the presence of the magnetic field has been adopted. The effects of higher Landau levels on the temperature dependence of viscous coefficients (bulk and shear viscosities) and thermal conductivity have been obtained by
more » ... ng the 1→ 2 processes in the presence of the strong magnetic field. An effective covariant kinetic theory has been set up in (1+1)-dimensional that includes mean field contributions in terms of quasi-particle dispersions and magnetic field to describe the Landau level dynamics of quarks. The sensitivity of these parameters to the magnitude of the magnetic field has also been explored. Both the magnetic field and mean field contributions have seen to play a significant role in obtaining the temperature behaviour of the transport coefficients of hot QCD medium.
doi:10.1140/epjc/s10052-019-6649-z fatcat:4hxdolhtifde3mfoxobcnuigom