Clinical and radiographic findings in children with foreign body aspiration admitted to 17-Shahrivar hospital in Rasht during 1996-2008

Farzizadeh, Atrkar-Roshan
Foreign body aspiration (FBA), as a life-threatening emergency, is a common problem in children especially in 1-3 year old age group. FBA is one of the leading causes of death in the 7% of children under 4 years. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the clinical and radiographic findings of foreign body aspiration in children admitted to 17-Shahrivar hospital in Rash. Materials and Methods: In this study, the required data were collected from the medical records of all children with FBA
more » ... hildren with FBA hospitalized in 17-Shahrivar hospital (Rasht, Iran). Results: Fifty-one percent of the children were 1-3 years and the most common complaints of patients were cough (34%) and respiratory distress (34%). In patients' history records, initial suspicion to aspiration was 78%, respiratory distress, 65% and choking, 63%. Common physical examination findings were unilateral decreased pulmonary sound (65%) and rales (45%). The most common findings in CXR were consolidation (34%) and unilateral air trapping (32%).The most frequent foreign body was sunflower seed (34.5%). The ratio of foreign body in the right and left bronchi was equal in children under 1 year old (40%) and was more in right bronchi in older children. Conclusion: Considering the high prevalence of aspiration and choking, initial suspicion to them and history records can be helpful in diagnosis.