Statistics of wormlike chains. II. Phase transition of polymer liquid crystals and its mixture with low molecular weight liquid crystals

W. X. Zhang, S. R. Zhao, C. P. Sun
1997 Journal of Chemical Physics  
A general self-consistent field ͑SCF͒ for the mixture of polymer and low molecular weight ͑LMW͒ molecules has been derived by variation principle. Considering a Maier-Saupe type of interaction, the analytical expressions of the SCF for polymer liquid crystals ͑PLCs͒ and the mixture of PLCs and LMW liquid crystals are obtained, from which the phase behaviors of PLCs as well as the mixture are studied. The theoretical results are in agreement with experimental results by adjusting a parameter.
doi:10.1063/1.473348 fatcat:cozh7dzjfrg4zjy3lth3yt3xsq