III.—On a collection of reptiles and Batrachians from Ferguson Island, D'Entrecasteaux Group, British New Guinea

G.A. Boulenger
1895 Annals and Magazine of Natural History  
28 Mr. G. A. Boulenger on Reptiles and Batrachians portlons are pale and nearly contiguous, each ending in a black cylindrical process. ?. Tenth segment above with a slight broad excision in the middle of its posterior margin. Appendages yellow, conical, acut% shorter than the tenth segment. Ventral valvules having ~he lower, edge microscopically denticulat% from between them arises a straight blackish process; their appendages filiform, black, curved downward. Length of abdomen (cure append.),
more » ... c~ 33 millim., 9 36 millim, ; expanse of wings, d' 42-44 millim., ~ 46-48 millim.; length of posterior wing, c~ 21 millim., ? 22-23 millim. Hab. Tamatav% Madagascar. Two males and two females. In coloration this considerably resembles the Asiatic L. umbrlna~ Sclys. No doubt it is allied to L. icterica, Gerst., from Mombas on the Zanzibar mainland, which was based on a single mutilated example ; but, according to the description, the latter cannot be identical, it being smaller, paler, with longer pterostigma, the longitudinal nervures yellow~ no black lines on the legs, &c.
doi:10.1080/00222939508680222 fatcat:6ccbx3x7ufed7ptiom5c22okve