The role of public credit in the economic development of Ukraine

Uliana Vatamanyuk-Zelinska, Olena Ohirko
2021 Ìnnovacìjna ekonomìka  
Purpose. The main aim of the article is defining the essence of public credit, as well as analysis of the role of public credit in the economic development of Ukraine. Methodology of research. A set of general scientific research methods is used to achieve the defined goal and objectives, thanks to which the scientific literature on the topic of scientific research is generalized. Thus, generalization methods are used to substantiate the concept of "public credit". The system approach allowed
more » ... investigate the essence of the concept of the sign and features of the concept of "public credit". Methods of analysis and synthesis are used to determine the dynamics of government borrowing, including domestic government bonds, as well as to assess the positive and negative significance of public credit for the economies of Ukraine. Findings. Peculiarities and essence of state credit are investigated. Based on the fact that the modern financial policy of Ukraine determines the objective need to use government borrowing, in a market economy, the institution of public credit is becoming increasingly important in the financial system of the country. The dynamics of government borrowing volumes, in particular, the dynamics of domestic government bond volumes are analysed. It is established that during the period under study in this form of raising funds were the largest, which is due to large-scale renewal of the banking system of Ukraine; the vast majority of government borrowings were short-term and carried out for a period of one to three years. The reduction of government borrowing in foreign currency was facilitated by the deterioration of the investment climate in the country due to the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. The expediency of using a state loan and the negative impact of this on the economy of Ukraine are outlined. Originality. Recommendations for the rational use of public credit resources for their most effective use are developed in the article. Practical value. The results of the study can be used to develop a program of optimal and rational use of government borrowing with maximum benefit. Key words: state credit, borrowing, domestic government bonds, yield.
doi:10.37332/2309-1533.2021.1-2.4 fatcat:7fbktzmjtnf5pgzogarhhfiw5u