C. W. Mehling, Jas. W. Carpenter
1921 Journal of The American Ceramic Society  
Comparison with older types of furnaces.-In marked contrast with the oil, coal and gas furnaces the electric furnace eliminates damaged ware and makes possible the utilization of the entire heating space. Its initial cost and the fuel costs are double those of the older types but it admits 25 per cent increase in weight per charge and 30 per cent in charges per hour. Description and operation.-Details of construction are given. The electrical equipment is explained together with the methods of
more » ... ith the methods of temperature record and control. Cost of operation.-With an initial cost of $8000, the cost of the electrical power has been $2.00 per hour for a 10-hr. day which would be reduced to $1.56 per hr. for a 24-hr. day. Production results.-With a production of 900 lbs. of ware per hr. the enamel finish is more satisfactory than with the older types of furnaces. Future improvements.-Preheating chambers and double end operation are suggested. Details of operation are given.
doi:10.1111/j.1151-2916.1921.tb17345.x fatcat:vdmfhmfu3vhsfdecibkp4fexvi