Studies on combining ability analysis in white kernel colour of quality protein maize (Zea maysL.)

P.K. Singh, R. Ranjan, J.P. Shahi, A.K. Singh
2014 Agricultural Science Digest - A Research Journal  
A half diallel set of eight newly developed white kernel colour quality protein maize inbred lines was utilized to evaluate general combining ability and specific combining ability for yield and its components characters. Combining ability analysis revealed that estimate of specific combining ability (SCA) variances were higher than general combining ability (GCA) variances for all the traits under study, indicating predominance of non-additive gene action of these traits. The parents HUZQPM
more » ... , HUZQPM 6-2 and HUZQPM 5 were identified as good combiners for yield and the related traits. The best experimental hybrids, on the basis of specific combining ability (SCA) effects for yield per plant and two to five of its component was HUZQPM 1-1 X HUZQPM 3-2 followed by HUZQPM 1-1 X HUZQPM 5 and HUZQPM 2 X HUZQPM 4-2. Hence, these crosses may be exploited for commercial cultivation in North East Plain Zone (NEPZ) of maize growing area after extensive testing.
doi:10.5958/j.0976-0547.34.1.004 fatcat:3hua7ny66failptchjymqtczeq