Life as the Medium of the Death?

Luka Janeš
2019 In Medias Res  
The essay discusses a dialectical constellation of life and death phenomena in relation to the medium of beingness, in the context of the existential anxiety, which is commonly imposed as a "normal" state of the average inhabitant of the "globalistic circus". In addition to the dialectical categorical complexity of the phenomena of life and death on the cosmological plane, the focus will be on the issues of a "mechanical", technically heterogenous form of human life for which will be claimed
more » ... will be claimed that not presupposes living, but rather the surviving, and in the line with the given I will argument in the direction of "pro-vitalisation" through the philosophy. Also, there will be a few words on the eros for the death and the "simulacrofilia" that fills a big part of the current world pores, and I will maintain to offer the (bio)ethical key to the evaluation and illumination of the given aporias. The problems of the dialectical relationship between the phenomena of life and death will be laid out in the plan of spatiality of the psychic field, and I will endeavour to elaborate it in an original, critical and coherent manner through the issues of consciousness and narcissism, using the reflections of Thomas Fuchs and Alfred North Whithead.
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