Medical News

1896 The Lancet  
391 MEDICAL NEWS. chemistry. With the exception of physics the examinations in the above-mentioned branches are to be both oral and practical. When referred in one subject the student may be again admitted to examination after a lapse of two months ; when he has failed in two he must wait a half-year. The second group it is proposed shall consist of experimental pathology, pharmacology, pathology, pathological histology, ophthalmology, diseases of children, public health, syphilis and forensic
more » ... hilis and forensic medicine (one half-year each), pathological anatomy and midwifery (two half-years each), and medicine and surgery (three half-years each). Cholera in Galicia. During last week 3 cases with 2 deaths have been reported from the district of Trembowla, making a total of 449 cases with 293 deaths since the commencement of the outbreak. Feb. 2nd. Magazine, Architecture, and The Hotel World. Appointments. Successful applicants for Vacancies, Secretaries of Public Institutions, and others possessing information suitable for this column, are invited to forward it to THE LANCET Office, directed to the Sub-Editor, not later than 9 o'clock on the Thursday morning oj each week for publication in the next number.
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